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Our senior management team is highly experienced and stable, with Mr. Robert Martin (our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer) and Mr. Phang Thim Fatt (our Chief Financial Officer) having worked together at the BOC Aviation since 1998.  This team has successfully managed BOC Aviation through multiple industry cycles. They are key to our historical performance in executing successfully our business strategy and, in particular, in overseeing and leading our active approach to risk management and governance.  In addition, many of our senior management have extensive experience working in the aviation industry across multiple jurisdictions.


Robert Martin

Robert Martin, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer


Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and a member of the Strategy and Budget Committee.

Mr. Martin was appointed as a Director and the Managing Director in 1998. Mr. Martin joined the Company in 1998 and has more than 30 years of experience in the aircraft and leasing business. Mr. Martin graduated from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom with a Master of Arts degree in Economics in March 1991.


Wang Jian, Deputy Managing Director & Vice Chairman


Mr. Wang Jian was appointed as Vice-Chairman and an Executive Director of the Company in June 2017.

Mr. Wang Jian was the General Manager of SME Services Department of Bank of China (the ultimate controlling shareholder of the Company) immediately before his appointment as an Executive Director of the Company in June 2017. Mr. Wang joined Bank of China in 1980. He worked in the then Credit Division II, Credit Services Department and Corporate Banking Department respectively from 1985 to 2002. From 2002 to 2005, Mr. Wang was transferred to Bank of China Milan Branch and took the positions of Assistant General Manager and Deputy General Manager there. He was re-located to Bank of China in 2006. From April 2006 to March 2014, he worked as Deputy General Manager of the Corporate Banking Department, Deputy General Manager (Corporate Business) and General Manager (SME Services) of the then Corporate Banking Unit of Bank of China. From December 2006 to June 2012, Mr. Wang was a non-executive director of the Company. Mr. Wang was appointed as General Manager of SME Services Department of Bank of China in March 2014.

Mr. Wang graduated from Renmin University of China in January 2001 with a master’s degree in International Finance.




Phang Thim Fatt, Deputy Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Phang was initially seconded to the Company as the Chief Financial Officer from a former shareholder of the Company, Singapore Airlines Limited, in January 1996. He formally joined the Company in March 1999 in the same role. Mr. Phang was appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of the Company in July 2001. Mr. Phang has been with the Company for 20 years. Mr. Phang graduated from the University of Malaya in Malaysia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (First Class Honours) in June 1979.



David Walton

David Walton, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Walton joined the Company in November 2014 as the Chief Operating Officer and has responsibility for legal and transaction management, portfolio planning and management, technical, strategy and market research, compliance and corporate affairs, and investor relations and corporate communications. Prior to joining the Company, he served as a general counsel for both privately held and publicly listed companies, with primary responsibility for structuring and documenting capital raising, joint venture and leasing activities. Mr. Walton graduated from Stanford University in the United States with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in March 1983 and received a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall) in the United States in May 1986.



Steve Townend_profile

Steven Townend, Chief Commercial Officer (Europe, Americas, Africa)

Chief Commercial Officer (Europe, Americas and Africa). Mr. Townend joined the Company in January 2001 as Structured Finance Director and was appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer in July 2004. He is currently based in London and oversees all revenue activities in Europe, Americas and Africa and is primarily responsible for airline leasing and sales within the region. Mr. Townend graduated from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance (Second Class Honours) in July 1991.




Gao Jinyue, Chief Commercial Officer (Asia Pacific & Middle East)

Chief Commercial Officer (Asia Pacific and the Middle East). Mr. Gao joined the Company as a board director in December 2006 and was appointed Chief Commercial Officer in December 2014. He is responsible for overseeing all revenue activities within the Asia Pacific and the Middle East and is primarily responsible for airline leasing and sales within the region. He joined BOC in July 1986 and held various senior positions in BOC Head Office including Vice General Manager of Global Finance Department. Mr. Gao was also the General Manager of BOC, Hong Kong branch. Mr. Gao graduated with a postgraduate degree in International Finance from Wuhan University in the PRC in October 1986 and a Master in Public Administration degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University in the United States in June 2003.