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BOC Aviation offers a wide range of services to airlines and aircraft owners, including direct operating leases and finance leases for aircraft, sale and leaseback facilities, engine finance leases and third party asset management. The company also provides comprehensive aircraft remarketing and technical management services to airlines, banks and other investors. 

BOC Aviation seeks to provide the highest level of personalised service, adapting its products to meet the needs of individual customers. From initial contact to the documentation of lease agreements or implementation of service packages, customers can expect a swift and efficient response from the company's team of dedicated professionals.


Operating Leases

The operating lease is the core service offered by BOC Aviation. All leases are on a long-term basis, with airlines assuming responsibility for the operation, maintenance and insurance of the aircraft during the lease term.

BOC Aviation aircraft purchased directly from the manufacturers are offered with a baseline specification reflecting preferred market demand. With sufficient notice prior to delivery from the manufacturers, the specifications for new aircraft can be changed to meet individual airline requirements. In the case of used aircraft, BOC Aviation will also endeavour to meet as closely as possible the requirements of the next lessee.

In every instance, the company will seek to ensure that airlines can integrate BOC Aviation-owned aircraft into their existing fleets as easily as possible.


Sale and Leaseback

BOC Aviation offers sale and leaseback facilities on selected single aisle and widebody aircraft types. These currently include the Airbus A320 family, Airbus A330, Boeing Next Generation 737, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 family.

Reflecting its focus on new aircraft, BOC Aviation usually undertakes sale and leaseback transactions for aircraft delivering new from the manufacturers. Aircraft already in service can however be considered upon request.

As part of its sale and leaseback service BOC Aviation is also able to offer financing for pre-delivery payments for aircraft on order with the manufacturers. 


Debt Financing

As part of one of the world's largest banking institutions, BOC Aviation can introduce its airline customers to Bank of China's international branch network for competitive debt financing and other financial services. These services can be offered either as standalone products by Bank of China or as part of wider packages combining debt from Bank of China and operating leases from BOC Aviation.

Bank of China has wide experience in the aircraft finance market.


Lease Management

Aircraft owners and investors can call on BOC Aviation to provide expert lease management services for their assets. This covers the entire lease process and all managed aircraft are subject to the same thorough procedures as BOC Aviation's own fleet.

Throughout the lease BOC Aviation takes care of all liaison with the lessee, including collection of rentals and maintenance reserves. As the end of the lease approaches, BOC Aviation is also able to market the aircraft to new lessees and manage the subsequent transition.

Should an aircraft owner wish to sell a leased aircraft at any point, BOC Aviation is also able to offer this service with a commitment to realising the best possible pricing in line with current market values.