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16 Jul 2023

The Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS) received a timely boost ahead of the Tchoukball World Championships in August – a $70,000 cash sponsorship that will help Team Singapore shoot for glory in the Czech Republic.

BOC Aviation Limited (“BOC Aviation”), an aircraft operating leasing company headquartered in Singapore, donated a record $70,000 to TBAS. This is the largest cash sponsorship received by TBAS since inception.

The cash injection will go primarily to supporting TBAS in their high performance systems for three areas: i) player development, ii) defraying airfare and accommodation for the World Championships and iii) helping with the cost of organising major events in Singapore such as the World Youth Championships and next week’s Southeast Asia Tchoukball Championships.

The donation is part of a partnership with TBAS and BOC Aviation, which was formalised on the final day of the World Youth Championships, with Minister of Community Culture and Youth Edwin Tong present to witness the partnership ceremony. 

TBAS had announced that it had raised $78,300 from sponsors and well-wishers in March, following news that the national women’s team made history by reaching the top of the world tchoukball rankings.

The self-starting, never-say-die spirit shown by TBAS and its athletes was what won BOC Aviation over.

“Singapore’s tchoukball story is an amazing tale of how a little-known sports team overcame the odds to become the best in the world,” said BOC Aviation Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer Steven Townend. “We are excited to support TBAS’ growth as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. We wish to show our support for the community we operate in and hope this direct contribution to TBAS will help it achieve even greater success.”

Teams focused on World Championships

TBAS president was grateful for the support shown by BOC Aviation, which has resulted in immediate success at the World Youth Championships. 

Said TBAS president Delane Lim: “With the added funding and support for our players, we were able to put up a stellar showing at the World Youth Championships. 

“Next week’s Southeast Asia Championships will be a key tournament to help us prepare for the World Championships. 

“With BOC Aviation’s help, our players can now also go into the world champs without having to worry about chipping in for airfare and accommodation as they have done in the past. 

“We can go into the tournament and defend our position as the top team in the world, and for our men to show they are worthy of the top three ranking.”

Mr Lim added that with TBAS now accorded official National Sports Association (NSA) status, the next stage is for it to be recognised as an official charity. Obtaining charity status would qualify the association for the One Team Singapore Fund, in which the Government matches donations to NSAs.

Said Mr Lim, who is also the vice-president of the Asia Pacific Tchoukball Federation: “We have big plans for the sport, not only in Singapore, but also the region, where we hope for it to also be a SEA Games sport.

“Obtaining charity status will go a long way to helping us stretch our funds. We are so grateful to our sponsors and supporters for growing the sport with us.”

Both the men’s and women’s teams will be in action at the Southeast Asia Tchoukball Championships from tomorrow before departing for Prague at the end of the month. 


About Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS)

Established in 2008 by a team of sports coaches, advocates and educators passionate about bringing the sport of tchoukball to Singapore, the association was recognised as the National Federation for the Sport of Tchoukball by Sport Singapore as of 14 December 2018 and is currently a provisional member of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) with effect from 17 May 2019. TBAS is dedicated to upholding the Tchoukball Charter, demonstrating an exemplary, cooperative and positive spirit in the promotion of the sport in Singapore, both recreationally and competitively.


About BOC Aviation

BOC Aviation is a leading global aircraft operating leasing company with a fleet of 652 aircraft owned, managed and on order. Its owned and managed fleet was leased to 91 airlines in 42 countries and regions worldwide as at 30 June 2023. BOC Aviation is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx code: 2588) and has its headquarters in Singapore with offices in Dublin, London, New York and Tianjin. For more information, visit www.bocaviation.com



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